Enhance your users’ experience and generate revenue.

On-ramp to the Bitcoin Ecosystem

Glidera manages interaction with the legacy financial system for its wallet partners. Using the Glidera API, wallet developers can allow users to buy/sell bitcoin from within their application.

Glidera helps solve bitcoin wallet developers’ biggest challenges:

  • New users see a zero BTC balance and wonder what to do next
  • Users often struggle with complicated exchanges designed for professional traders
  • Users frequently need to wire money offshore
  • Users sign up for competing universal Bitcoin wallets

Fully Integrated Experience

Glidera enables enhanced features so wallets can meet all users’ needs:

  • Buy and sell bitcoin from inside the wallet application with the push of a button (via a connected bank account using low cost ACH transfers)
  • View a complete history of buy and sell transactions
  • Auto-buy bitcoin after making payments

Easy Deployment

Glidera offers a simple API to easily integrate on-ramp services into your wallet. Our technical services team ensures smooth integration upfront and provides ongoing support too.


The Glidera revenue sharing program generates income for your business or open source project.

Behind the scenes

Glidera handles interactions with the legacy financial system so our partners can focus on innovating within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

We’ve solved several problems within the value chain and share the benefits with partners:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Bank transfers through the ACH system
  • Fraud management
  • Access to the best conversion rates in the market